My Platform.

I am running for Mayor to make the lives of our citizens better.  My family has been a part of the fabric of the community for nearly 100 years.  Virginia Beach is my hometown, and the hometown where I am raising my children.


I have served as a City Councilman in Virginia Beach, and one thing I understand is we need more than one vote to push any issue forward.  It is about studying facts and building a strong coalition.  If elected Mayor, my goal is to use these skills to build consensus, so we can focus on the most pressing issues facing our city.


Like many of you, I wear a lot of different hats as a husband, father, homeowner, business owner, coach, and Pastor. I understand that supporting those who keep our communities safe is a top priority.

Public safety, public education and public health are all vital to our communities. Together we are facing challenges that require civility and collaboration to move things forward.


My Great Grandmother told me when I was young, “good manners and respect will always take you further than money.” She is the inspiration that continues to guide me everyday. As a City Councilman I have made it my goal to engage with the community as much as possible.  Getting to know the needs of the community requires getting to know the members of the community.  Once we engage each other we can overcome any obstacle.

We must renew and expand our city’s legacy of teamwork for our families and those who seek us out. I believe this, and I commit to it personally and politically. Collaboration will be my method as Mayor for the good of all the people of Virginia Beach.


What we say and how we say it matters.  I meet people everyday, and when we take time to have a conversation we are able to move past politics and focus on what we have in common.

Finding common ground is only the first step.  I realize now, more than ever, that keeping my word and following through is what the people of Virginia Beach really desire in a public servant.

My Issues.

These are the issues I want to address.  As a leader, I understand that it is my job to focus on the what is most important to the people, and empower the City Council so they have the information they need to make decisions.

Small Business / Economic Development

  • Provide more resources for start-ups and entrepreneurs

  • Lower the tax burden on business owners

  • Identify resources and tools to assist business owners who want to expand their companies in the region

  • Create workshops for residents interested in starting a local business

  • Help existing job creators grow and expand in the city


  • Support for pre-school and after-school programming

  • Work with parents to identify additional resources to better aid their children

  • Support an extension of global academic programs for students

  • Advocate and support our teachers. Recognize them for their outstanding efforts

  • Work to create district-wide mentoring programs

  • Offer more apprenticeships and work force development programs

Public Safety

  • Work to support Police, Fire and EMT across the district

  • Advocate for increased funding to hire, train, and retain top talent for these departments

  • Create lines of communication for better collaboration

  • Address bay front concerns

Mental Health Reform

  • Support programs to identify and treat mental health concerns in public schools

  • Improve access and delivery of mental health services

  • Increase public awareness to help end the stigma surrounding mental health

Environment & Sustainability

  • Work on sand and beach replenishment projects

  • Support funding for both short-term strategies and long-term plans

  • Work with state and federal officials to address coastal flooding and sea level rise

  • Increase public knowledge of the flood mitigation plans and goals

  • Work with the community to preserve our historic trees and living shorelines

We are here to help.

Phone: (757) 675-1524